Fall Migration Monitoring: Black and White Warbler

Fall Migration Monitoring: Black and White Warbler

CHIP FMM: August 15 – 20th , 2012

The third week of FMM and we are only getting busier, close to 100 birds for a couple days! The nights and mornings are beginning to cool down and we had a few openings below 5 degrees. In addition, we had a couple of intense storms that seemed to help move some birds through. We started catching migratory warblers including our first Black and White Warbler, a Magnolia, many Wilson’s, more MacGillivary’s, Common Yellowthroats and the beginnings of the Tennessee Warbler migration. We’re catching more “Traill’s” as the days go by and seeing increasing numbers of Cedar Waxwings, Gray Catbirds and Eastern Kingbirds at the station. We still have our little groups of Robins that guard all entrances to the beach and the hatch year chickadees are forming little groups as well. The chickadees are hilarious singers when they’re juvenile; completely out of tune. This week we also saw a Song Sparrow still feeding its three juveniles, so obviously we still have a few residents at the station, but not for long. Other new birds for the FMM include Purple Finches and Chipping Sparrow Juveniles. It is amazing how streaked the Chipping Sparrow juveniles are compared to the clay-colored juveniles. The streaking even extends through the gray nape collar.


About chipmigration

The Calgary Bird Banding Society is a non-profit research organization conducting the third year of a landbird monitoring project at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Alberta. Bird banding is an integral aid to the study and protection of wild birds. It is typically facilitated by using a mist net. Birds fly into the mist net, are gently removed and a permanent aluminum light-weight band is placed around the lower leg. Often the birds are measured, weighed, sexed and aged before release back into the wild. When a banded bird is recovered, the number and information on the band is used to trace migratory patterns and other vital data. This information made available to the banding and scientific communities. The data is invaluable to many scientific studies, including Global Warming and Pollution research.
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