Fall Migration Monitoring: “Myrtle” Warbler

September 26th- October 5th
The weather has taken a turn. It snows periodically and we are consistently getting temperatures of below zero. The number of “Myrtle” Warblers continues to increase at the station. There are days that we’ve only opened for an hour or two but still managed to catch close to fifty of the tough little warblers.

The Sparrows are also moving through and, in the case of the American Tree Sparrow, coming home for the winter. We’re seeing large groups of White-crowned, Song, White-throated and Lincoln’s Sparrows together in mixed flocks. We still see flocks of Robins moving through and Hermit Thrushes.

The Buffleheads, White-winged Scoters and Scaups float on the lake, not phased by the sudden change in weather. We’ve seen a few Western Grebes and the Pied-billed are still hanging around in the reeds.

The FMM station will likely close soon as migration comes to a close. We have started the Northern Saw-whet owl project and have caught over 10 birds so far.


About chipmigration

The Calgary Bird Banding Society is a non-profit research organization conducting the third year of a landbird monitoring project at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Alberta. Bird banding is an integral aid to the study and protection of wild birds. It is typically facilitated by using a mist net. Birds fly into the mist net, are gently removed and a permanent aluminum light-weight band is placed around the lower leg. Often the birds are measured, weighed, sexed and aged before release back into the wild. When a banded bird is recovered, the number and information on the band is used to trace migratory patterns and other vital data. This information made available to the banding and scientific communities. The data is invaluable to many scientific studies, including Global Warming and Pollution research.
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