Spring 2012

Second-year Male Palm Warbler

The first of the year! These little guys can be sexed by measuring the length of the ‘chestnut’ cap on their head.

Male Western Tanager

WETA by Leena Tirrul

He was a bitey screamer, but such a beautiful bird! Love these guys and having one at the banding station today was a treat. Western Tangers are great for our northern forests as they are a major consumer of the spruce budworm and other tree pests.

Female Blackpoll Warbler

BLPW by Leena Tirrul

We also saw her hubby by the same net. She may seem a little drab but she was very sweet so she made the cut.

Brown-headed Cowbird

BHCO by Leena Tirrul

This female Brown-headed Cowbird was the first bird banded at CHIP for the summer of 2012. Some other highlights of the day were a Baltimore Oriole, a Rose-breasted Grosbeak and a Swainson’s Thrush at the banding site.

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